Coming Soon – A greater solution than a VPN, CLOAK is a simplified, trusted and secure analytic environment for any professional.

We’ve built a trusted sovereign, secure cloaked analytical environment for online individual privacy, managed attribution, collection, source management and persistent engagement that enables analysts to interrogate, investigate covertly and illuminate adversary activity. Secure, private, ephemeral networks deployed with a comprehensive and flexible investigative desktop at the push of a button.

Cloak is a secure, containerized, collaborative analyst workspace bundled with investigative tools. It provides optional on-demand, secure, anonymized ingress and egress to the workspace. Integration for launching a one-click investigative environment from any cyber security, OSINT system, or Darkweb/Darkspace infrastructure. Cloak is designed to enhance privacy, forensic evidence collection and replace VPNs, local VMs and a host of other redundant and impractical tools.

Cloak will use current and next-generation Hunchly products and can be bolted onto Dagger for secure access. The system is made in Canada and consistent with Canadian values and laws.