In 2006, Sapper Labs four founders set out to establish a meaningful venture. Departing from government, law enforcement, and intelligence careers, they had a simple focus—like-minded friends working together in the field of Cyber Defence and Digital Forensics. Together, they built a consulting firm with a vision for the future of cyber operations and defence. Over the years, they grew in reputation and capability.

In 2015, an open source intelligence venture, Dark River Systems Inc., entered the scene. By 2016, Dark River Systems Inc. officially released Hunchly 1.x, and Sapper Labs purchased early copies, actively marketing the groundbreaking product to Canadian law enforcement and military markets. Soon, the success of Hunchly reached across Europe and other regions, marking a significant milestone.

In 2018, Sapper Labs received a notable distinction when they were selected through the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program to develop an active cyber defence platform for the Canadian Armed Forces. Remarkably, Sapper Labs became the first company in the IDEaS program to achieve Phase 4 by successfully delivering game-changing capabilities.

In 2022 Sapper Labs Group was formed through the merger of Sapper Labs, Sapper Labs Cyber Solutions, and Dark River Systems. This brought together a wealth of expertise, resources, and creativity, building a strong foundation for greater innovation.