Chief Executive Officer

Al Dillon

Army veteran with 30 years leadership experience in fast-tempo operational environments and high tech industry.

Chief Technology Officer

Shaun Covell

Digital Forensics and Computer Security expert with deep experience in law enforcement, Intelligence and military environments over the past 20 years.

Chief Intelligence Officer

Dave McMahon

Computer Engineer with over thirty years operational experience in intelligence, defence, global security, privacy and human rights.

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Costello

Responsible for the delivery of all programs and services that Sapper Labs provides to our customers. Frank's experience spans a career in the Canadian Armed Forces and over 15 years in the defence industry.

VP Cyber Intelligence Operations

Brock Lupton

With 31 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Brock has an extensive background in both technology and operations. His combined experience instilled a deep understanding of the complexities and intricacies of tech-driven operations and his dedication to operational excellence and results-driven work. Brock oversees the team transforming open source data into actionable insights for clients.

VP Government Relations & Partnerships

Lisa Dillon

Responsible for government and partnership development to support Sapper Labs' clients and mission. Lisa brings 18 years of experience supporting aerospace and defence sector development in Atlantic Canada and active volunteer service in support of the Canadian Armed Forces community.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kennedy Chappell

Kennedy came to Sapper Labs with several years of communications experience. With a background in Broadcast Journalism and content strategizing, she focused her career on reputation management and public awareness.

Executive Officer C5ISR, Critical Infrastructure Protection

Ganapathy Viswanathan

Former military signals officer with strong leadership experience in high-tempo deployed operating environments within the military and OT cybersecurity sectors. Gana leads our C5ISR, IT/OT cyber mission assurance and critical infrastructure protection portfolios.

Technical Sales Director

Brian Hein

20+ years of Technical Sales and Threat Research experience serving some of the largest, most profitable companies in the world. Brian has a primary focus in network defense and threat intelligence. He has published research, presented at conferences, and served as an expert advisor to worldwide commercial and government clients.

Digital Forensics Lead

Roch Decoste

Has over 20 years of operational experience in the fields of digital and network forensics working with the law enforcement, military and Intelligence communities.